Most NFL Players Would Make The Safer Choice If Medical Cannabis Was Allowed

There has big push has been underway to try to convince the NFL to have some compassion for its players and allow them to use cannabis for medical purposes. As it stands the NFL prohibits cannabis use in all forms, even when the use is entirely medical in nature. No exceptions are made.

A sad example of that is the case of Seantrel Henderson from the Buffalo Bills. Seantrel was suspended 10 games after testing positive for cannabis. Mr. Henderson suffers from Crohn’s disease, and has had to undergo intestinal surgery twice which resulted in part of his intestines being removed. Seantrel Henderson uses medical cannabis to treat his condition instead of pills because pills are not an option given his surgeries (in addition to cannabis being safer and more effective).

Even after serving his suspension Seantrel will be forced to either retire or play up until he is suspended again for using his medicine. If the NFL will not make an exception for Seantrel Henderson, and have even gone as far as suspending him for double digit games, clearly the league will not make an exception for anyone. Where is the compassion for players?

Support for medical cannabis is strong among NFL players. An ESPN poll found that 71% of NFL players felt that medical cannabis should be legal in every state. A new poll asked 151 NFL players various questions, including if the NFL should defer to a players’ doctor on whether or not to use cannabis. The poll found an overwhelming 86.75% level of support for such a move. 74.34% said that they would consider using medical cannabis if the league made the policy change.

Every state where an NFL team is located has reformed its cannabis laws to at least allow possession and consumption of products that are high in cannabidiol (CBD), if not the whole plant. Indiana (Colts) was the last state to do so, with a CBD-specific bill being signed into law recently. 93% of Americans support medical cannabis legalization. Knowing this, why is the NFL so out of touch with the will of voters, fans, and players?

“With medical cannabis being legal in so many states, and so many studies showing that cannabis works, why is the NFL still prohibiting its players from using it for medical purposes? Cannabis is safer than opioid painkillers, which the NFL widely embraces, so why not let NFL players make the safer choice?” said Uncle Cliffy President Cliff Robinson.

Cannabis has been proven to treat all types of conditions, having been the subject of more studies than hydrocodone, toradol, and tylenol – combined. Why is the NFL clinging to a failed, racist policy instead of having some compassion for its players? Why not allow these grown adults, with the permission of their primary physicians, to use medical cannabis if they choose to do so? What is the harm?

image via Beyond the Game