Former MLB All-Star David Wells Prefers Cannabis Over Painkillers

A lifetime of playing sports can take its toll on the human body. Professional and amateur athletes sacrifice their bodies regularly in order to become better at their craft. That leads to a lot of aches and pains which are commonly treated with opioid based painkillers. Painkillers are harmful to the human body, and while they provide temporary relief, they do not help the body heal and instead just mask the pain (for a time).

Cannabis on the other hand has been proven to not only help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, it also helps the body repair itself. Unlike pharmaceutical painkillers, cannabis does not harm the body’s organs and does not lead to a lifelong battle with addiction. Cannabis is a much safer alternative to painkillers, which is something that former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher David Wells knows about first hand, which is why he has been spreading awareness about the benefits of cannabis. Per The Post Game:

For years, Wells says he was like many athletes who took painkillers such as Percocet on a regular basis: Sometimes after surgery. Sometimes just to get through another start while dealing with the grind of pitching. Sometimes recreationally. He continued using these painkillers even after he ended his 21-year MLB career in 2007. Then he tried CBD (cannabidiol), and Wells says he hasn’t touched an opioid since.

Wells had grown weary of the drugs’ after-effects — “I feel like crap” — and turned to CBD after watching a 60 Minutes story about how it helped cure a young girl in Colorado who was suffering 300 seizures a week.

“I wish I knew about it back when I played because I would’ve been all over it,” Wells told ThePostGame’s David Katz in an exclusive interview. “I would’ve took those risks. If they tested me — ‘hey, you got marijuana in your system’ — I’ll bring it to them: This is what it is. Dissect it. Take it in a lab and see what it’s about.”

As it stands right now, MLB players are not allowed to use cannabis. They are however allowed to use insane amounts of pharmaceutical painkillers, which is a very harmful policy. Baseball players, as with all responsible adult athletes, should be able to make the safer choice to use cannabis if they and their doctors choose to. Too many former athletes have similar stories as David Wells. Stories that are full of misery and unnecessary suffering. There is a better way, and leagues need to recognize that fact and put their players’ health first.