connecticut coalition to regulate marijuana

Earlier this year Clifford Robinson joined a coalition that is seeking to end cannabis prohibition in Connecticut. Having played at the University of Connecticut from 1985-1989, Cliff has always had a special place in his heart for the state of Connecticut. During his college experience Cliff saw the harms of Connecticut cannabis prohibition firsthand, and has always advocated for a more sensible approach to cannabis policy in the state.

Lawmakers in Connecticut are currently in the midst of crafting the state’s next budget, which provides for an opportunity for cannabis legalization and regulation to be included in it. That is something that the Uncle Cliffy team absolutely supports, and is encouraging others to support too. Below is an action alert from the Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana which is leading the legalization effort in the state. If you are a Connecticut resident, please participate in the action alert and encourage others to do the same:

As fall approaches, Connecticut lawmakers are still struggling to reach a budget compromise. In May, both House and Senate Democrats released a budget proposal that included the regulating and taxing of marijuana, acknowledging that regulating marijuana like alcohol is a necessary part of a responsible budget solution. However, subsequent House Democratic budgets omitted marijuana legalization. Currently, cities and towns across Connecticut are facing devastating cuts that will result in widespread property tax increases for most residents. Taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol could avert local property tax increases and bring new revenue to the table.

Call your representatives, and let him or her know you want marijuana regulation included in the budget! Our action page makes it fast and easy — providing the lawmaker’s phone number and name, in addition to talking points.

Or, if you aren’t able to make a call, write your lawmakers a quick letter.

Let your lawmakers know 63% of Connecticut residents support legalization, not just because it will generate needed tax revenue, but also because regulation would have public health and safety benefits.

Elected officials are facing many tough choices during the budget debate. It is vital they hear from constituents who support marijuana regulation as the right choice for Connecticut.

Please take a few minutes to write or call your legislator, and share our posts on Facebook and Twitter to encourage your friends to make calls, too.


Sam Tracy
CT Coalition to Regulate Marijuana