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What Is Uncle Cliffy?

Cliff Robinson created the Uncle Cliffy cannabis company because he knows first hand that cannabis works for athletes.

“I always knew that it worked. Cannabis always helped me with relaxation and recovery throughout my playing career, and still helps me lead an active lifestyle to this day.” Cliff said.

Uncle Cliffy is a company that makes cannabis products for responsible adult use. Whether someone is a weekend warrior, a day in day out power lifter, or somewhere in between, most athletes can benefit from adding cannabis to their wellness and recovery regimens.

The cannabis athlete movement is growing at a rapid pace, led by professional athletes like 18 year NBA veteran Cliff Robinson, who believe that responsible cannabis use can be a part of of an active lifestyle.

Athletes experience a lot of aches and injuries while training and competing. Cannabis provides a combination of wellness benefits and recovery assistance that many athletes need. Cannabis can (and in many cases should) be a part of an adult’s overall wellness strategy.

Cannabis is a much safer alternative to harmful pharmaceutical painkillers, the use of which is widespread among athletes. Cannabis is more effective at assisting with recovery than pharmaceutical painkillers, in addition to being safer.