What products does Uncle Cliffy currently sell?

Uncle Cliffy currently sells pre-rolled cannabis joints, with more products in development which will be released shortly.

Where can I purchase Uncle Cliffy products?

Uncle Cliffy products are available at regulated stores and dispensaries throughout Oregon, and only to adults over the age of 21 years old.

Can I order Uncle Cliffy products online or through the mail?


What makes Uncle Cliffy products so effective?

Uncle Cliffy products are effective because they are made from top quality organic cannabis and designed for people that live an active lifestyle. Uncle Cliffy products are designed for Cliff Robinson himself. If it works for an 18 year NBA veteran, you can rest assured that it will work for you too!

What kind of cannabis goes into Uncle Cliffy products?

Uncle Cliffy products are made from only the highest quality cannabis that Oregon has to offer, cultivated at Pistil Point Farms in Portland, Oregon. Pistil Point Farms uses world class genetics and phenotypes sourced from leading breeders with Oregon roots.

What inspired Cliff Robinson to launch the Uncle Cliffy cannabis company?

Cliff Robinson started Uncle Cliffy because he knows from first hand experience that cannabis can help athletes and people that live active lifestyles. Cliff Robinson also has experienced first hand the harms of cannabis prohibition, both on the court and off the court. Through Uncle Cliffy, Cliff Robinson hopes to positively contribute to stopping the ‘War on Drugs’ and to change the commonly held belief that natural cannabis and sports are incompatible.

How does Uncle Cliffy support the cannabis reform?

Cliff Robinson has been arrested, fined by the NBA, and suspended from NBA games because of cannabis prohibition. Because of his unfortunate experiences with cannabis prohibition, Cliff Robinson has long been an advocate of responsible cannabis use and reform.

Cliff strives to reform cannabis policies in professional sports, which would add further momentum to the effort to end cannabis prohibition in society.